Picking Up Speed

Picking Up Speed in Orange


Buckingham Branch Railroad Company plans to return train operating speeds on the Orange Branch railroad line to near the train speeds that previously operated on the line. Orange Branch is located between the Towns of Orange and Gordonsville. Train speeds will increase from present maximum passenger train speeds of 30 MPH to 60 MPH. The speed increase is planned to occur on April 17.

Buckingham Branch Railroad has recently completed extensive track and signal improvement projects on the Orange Branch to allow trains to return to near original speeds. Trains have approached speeds of 70 MPH in the past on the Orange Branch. Railroad lights, gates and warning devices at all public, at-grade crossings have been upgraded and tested to accommodate the increased train speeds. Buckingham Branch track inspectors will be inspecting tracks to maintain Class 3 FRA track standards. Class 3 standards are designed to allow 40 MPH freight and 60 MPH passenger train speeds.

Increased train speeds will improve railroad operating efficiency for passenger and freight trains. New speeds will reduce the amount of time which motorists must wait for trains to pass through road crossings.

The Towns of Gordonsville and Orange will see very little change in train speeds and operations within town limits.


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