Dillwyn, VA, June 10, 2016.  The Buckingham Branch Railroad (BB) launched a new state-of-the art website today with interactive industrial site location features to assist customers seeking rail-freight-served buildings or sites and rail/truck transload sites in Virginia. Buckinghambranch.com

Potential customers will easily be able to explore available freight and transload service options.  Industrial site location consultants will find the website is a resource for finding the best locations in Virginia for new or expanding manufacturing and distribution facilities requiring rail service.

Buckingham Branch CEO, Mark Bryant ,is excited about the quality and ease-of-use of the new website.  “We have worked nearly a year developing the new website to raise the Buckingham Branch Railroad profile on the internet and to enhance our marketing and sales program,” Bryant said.  “It will now be easier for freight users to find us and they will be able to do much of their research about the Buckingham Branch directly on the internet.  The timing of the new website is great for us because we want our customers and potential new customers to understand the BB’s significant progress in 2015-16.  Over the last two years we’ve added new freight transportation technology across the BB system, adapted a new code of ethics for our employees, launched an enhanced business development program, been recognized nationally for our improved safety program, and updated our company brand to include a new logo, which we believe better reflects the Buckingham Branch Railroad of 2016.”

Visitors to the website will see a fresh faced image of the BB. However, the founding principles of the family owned company still shines through.

For questions or more information, contact Bill Hamilton, Director of Business Development, at 540.292.4309 or by email at bill.hamilton@buckinghambranch.com


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