8 Class I Railroad Connections to CSX and Norfolk Southern

The Buckingham Branch Railroad provides eight interchanges with Class 1 railroads, four each with CSX and Norfolk Southern. The availability of interchanges with competing Class 1 railroads for connections to North America and the world ensures our customers can find the best possible freight rates and schedule. The BB has excellent working relationships with both CSX and Norfolk Southern and can help prospective freight customers cut through the red tape to get accurate and timely freight rate and delivery information.

CSX Connections CSX Connections

1. Buckingham Division - Strathmore

Bremo, VA is located in Fluvanna County, VA, 31 miles southeast of Charlottesville, VA and 59 miles west of Richmond, VA. It is the interchange point for BB freight traffic moving to and from CSX via the BB Buckingham Division. BB has trackage rights into CSX's Strathmore Yard to facilitate freight interchange.

2. Richmond & Alleghany Division - Doswell

Doswell, VA is located in Hanover County, VA, 25 miles north of Richmond, VA and within four miles of I-95 Exit 98. It is the eastern interchange with CSX for the BB's R & A Division.

3. Richmond & Alleghany Division - Clifton Forge

Clifton Forge, VA is located in Alleghany County, VA, and 97 miles west of Charlottesville, VA. It is the western interchange for CSX with the BB R & A Division. BB's R & A Division track ends just east of Clifton Forge at JD Cabin. The BB has trackage rights into CSX's Clifton Forge yard to facilitate freight interchange. The interchange is located within one mile of I-64 Exit 24.

4. Norfolk Division - Coleman Place

Coleman Place is located in the city of Norfolk, VA. Cars interchanging with CSX are delivered to Coleman Place by the Norfolk Portsmouth Beltline.

Norfolk Southern Connections Norfolk Southern Connections

5. Virginia Southern Division - Burkeville

BB's Virginia Southern Division interchanges freight with Norfolk Southern at Burkeville, VA, located in Nottoway County, VA, 57 miles southwest of Richmond, VA. The Norfolk Southern interchange at Burkville is 47 miles from I-85 Exit 61.

6. Richmond & Alleghany Division - Charlottesville

Norfolk Southern interchanges freight traffic with BB's R&A Division in downtown Charlottesville, VA. The interchange is located four miles from I-64 Interchange 118.

7. Richmond & Alleghany Division - Waynesboro

The second Norfolk Southern interchange with BB's R & A Division is located in Waynesboro, VA. The interchange is located three miles from I-64 Exit 96.

8. Norfolk Division - Portlock Yard

Norfolk Southern's Portlock Yard is located in southern Norfolk, VA. BB has trackage rights on it's line between Coleman Place and Portlock Yard to interchange cars directly with NS.